Wednesday, 29 October 2014

4J Australia's Celebration - AFL Grand Final Day

We have decided we would like to teach everyone about one of the biggest days in the Australian Calendar - The Australian Rules Football (AFL) Grand Final. 

Victoria is the homeland of the Australia Football League (AFL) which is a contact sport demanding athleticism, skill and courage. AFL is played locally and professionally with elite athletes looked up to by all the children dreaming of being AFL stars. The AFL season concludes with the AFL Grand Final which is played by the two best teams. It is a huge event played at the iconic MCG, attended by 100,000 people and watched by millions on television. This celebration includes a pre-game parade, Grand Final breakfasts, half-time entertainment and the game itself.

Introduction - 4J Liddiard Rd Primary Traralgon, Australia

Hello we are the students of 4J at Liddiard Rd Primary School Australia. The ages in our class vary, we have 9, 10 and 11 years olds. We are located in Eastern Australia in the state of Victoria. The capital city of our state in Melbourne and our school is about a 2 hour drive from the city.

We only speak English, so are finding looking at the blog and posts in different languages very interesting.

Our classroom is a global classroom. Our teacher Mrs Joyce connects us to different schools around the world so we can learn from each other. Our classroom has its own website we receive messages and comments from students and teachers from around the world which makes a very happy.

We are looking forward to sharing the projects with schools in Spain and Argentina and learning about Eduloc. We will have Australian celebrations to share with you.

Friday, 17 October 2014

We are the pupils, 11 years old, of Sant Joan School in Berga.
Our school is situated in the under Queralt mountain.
It has 18 classes and more than 400 pupils. Our language is Catalan but we also speak Spanish and we are learning English.
Berga is a small town in the county of Barcelona (Catalonia). Catalonia is a comunity inside Spain in
the Ibérica peninsula, at the south west of Europe. 

Nuestra ciudad, Berga, es capital de comarca. Tiene unos 17.000 habitantes. La economía se basa en el turismo, el comercio y en pequeñas industrias. La fiesta principal de la nuestra ciudad es La Patum que se celebra en mayo o en junio, coincidiendo con las fiestas de Corpus. También hay otras fiestas como “Els Elois”, la Feria de Santa Tecla, la Feria de Mayo, La feria de las setas, la Gala de Queralt …
Estamos muy contentos de hacer este proyecto para poder dar a conocer nuestra fiesta, La Patum, y al mismo tiempo conocer las vuestras.